Diablo 2 by Blizzard was released back in 2000, but still has loyal fans. Many of the players consider the 2nd part of Diablo to be the best in the series. Over the years, in addition to the official add-on Lord of Destruction, there was a huge number of updates, sometimes crazy, adding so many monsters and so increasing the complexity that the game turns from action/RPG into a survival horror.
Fans of the game, as well as young users who have not had time to evaluate Diablo 2, will get a unique chance to dive into its updated version in every sense. The team of the mod developers Median XL is completing the work on a new global modernization of the game. The new mod will be perhaps the most serious coming out in recent years. First of all, the game will get an updated engine – Sigma Engine, which allows you to increase the resolution and improve the quality of the original image, as well as to place the panels of inventory and skills on the screen as convenient to the user. As it was reported by the developers, the locations has been redesigned and enhanced, improved the storyline, new missions and bosses.
The update will be available for download from January 18, 2019 on the official website median-xl.com

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