Portable console Smach Z is a very interesting development, unlike its counterparts — it is actually a portable x86 gaming computer with a very productive filling.
The console will be equipped with a 4-core, 8-threaded hybrid processor Ryzen Embedded V1605b with built-in graphics accelerator Radeon RX Vega8 (the same accelerator is used in the popular hybrid processor AMD Ryzen 2200G), depending on the configuration will receive up to 16 gigabytes of RAM SO-DDR4-2133 and SSD drive up to 256 gigabytes. Diagonal display device is 6 inches (with a resolution of 1920*1080). It is worth noting that the heat dissipation of the console is 15W, which in turn required the equipment of the Smach Z cooling fan. Management is carried out as a standard set of controller control, and with the help of two touch circles(in the likeness of steam controller). To communicate with the world, the console is equipped with WiFi, Bluetooth, USB ports, micro-USB, card reader.
The»bottleneck» Smach Z remains graphics accelerator, but with Radeon RX Vega8 users can enjoy games such as DOTA2 and GTA5.

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