American company Razer, which is known for the development and production of gaming accessories, introduced another device. The new router Razer Sila like all products of the company is aimed at creating a more comfortable pastime for video games.
The appearance of Razer Sila has the characteristics of the company’s products. The router has a black matte case and a distinctive bright green logo on the top. On the back side there are all the necessary connectors: two USB sockets (3.0 and 2.0), one Gigabit Ethernet WAN port and three Gigabit Ethernet LAN connectors. The router has nine antennas installed inside the structure, which distinguishes it from other WiFi receivers.
The game component of Razer Sila is to use the Razer FasTrack feature. This technology allows you to allocate a separate band for different devices or programs. The router will automatically detect when the game console (Microsoft Xbox, Sony Playstation, or Nintendo Switch) is turned on, and then give it priority. In addition, the user can manually allocate a network bandwidth for watching movies from TV-consoles, downloading content and conducting live broadcasts on streaming services. Management is also carried out thankfully to a special application Sila for the smartphone based on the operating system Android or iOS. High-speed data transmission is achieved using its own technology Multi-Channel ZeroWait DFS. It is worth noting that these WiFi receivers can be synchronized to expand the coverage area. The manufacturer reports that the combination of two routers allows to cover an area of 550 sq. m.
The device is sold for $ 250.

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