Google has decided to please its users with the release of a fresh operating system, ahead of the schedule. The owners of Essential Phone and Pixel smart phones have already begun to receive an update. Devices that participated in the beta test (Vivo, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Sony, etc.), as well as those that participated in Android One program, will be updated by air by the end of autumn. For the particularly impatient, it is possible to install the software using an original image that is already available.
According to various rumors, the OS was supposed to have several possible names: Pistachio IceCream, Pumpkinpie, and Pie. Continuing the trend of «sweet» names, the developers chose the latter option.
In the presented operating system, we expect a large number of innovations. Soft buttons, located at the bottom of the screen, reduced to a single button «Home». The function «Winddown» is added, meaning — «it’s time to sleep» turning on monochrome display mode in the user-appointed time. With the advent of Pie, the devices received the Adaptive Battery function, based on the work of artificial intelligence. This will help to reduce power consumption by up to 30%. «Digital Wellbeing» novelty allows you to monitor the frequency of use of certain applications by the owner. This is only a small part of all updates. Android Pie includes many different innovations that make it possible to simplify and make convenient user interaction with the smartphone.

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