At the Consumer Electronics Show 2019 is scheduled to address the President of AMD Lisa Su. It is expected that the «road map» of the company will be presented at this event. In 2019 the company Advanced Micro Devices is planning a large-scale transition to the production of technological standards — 7-nm.
It is known that the work on the design of the Zen2 architecture has been completed, and the test samples are already in the laboratories of AMD, actively working on the design of Zen3. In the processor market, the company now feels confident.
Today, one of the most exciting topics is graphics accelerators. Nvidia has made its move-releasing a series of RTX cards with high power and received a new technology in the form of ray tracing.
AMD should give an adequate answer and most likely it will be a new architecture Vega. Perhaps at CES2019 we will hear about it.

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