Nowadays, many people have problems with eye fatigue and loss of vision. This is due to the fact that computer monitors and smartphone screens emit harmful to the eye blue. Despite the fact that display developers install various vision protection systems in their devices, the problem still remains and users experience discomfort during long-term operation. Grahope has developed a device to solve these problems.
The manufacturer presented a graphene mask designed to help users to remove the negative effects after the active eye work. The work of the gadget can provide an adapter for the network, a laptop or a portable battery by the means of a USB-connector. For a normal operation, the operating voltage is 3.7 V. to perform its task — the mask uses infrared radiation, widely used in medicine, so for the safety of use you shouldn’t worry. By the way, you can’t get any extra dose of radiation because the glasses works just for one hour. Then, to re-work it is necessary to reconnect the gadget to the power source. This solution will allow the owner to go to bed without any fear for the health of their eyes. The temperature of the heating element of graphene can be adjusted in the range from 100.4 F to 113F (from 38 C to 45 C), depending on preference. The mask is made of a pleasant material, very light and comfortable and also has the ability to adjust the size, so that almost no feeling on the face.
The company Grahope notes that regular use of the world’s first graphene mask will allow users to get rid of dark circles under the eyes, and facial wrinkles. The mask will be available for purchase on Amazon. Now the official price is unknown (according to some reports, the approximate amount will be about $ 32).

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