MIUI software shell has always been famous for the presence of advertising. Users may come across promotional apps or banners in preinstalled apps from Xiaomi. This time the company has crossed all boundaries and in the last update the number of ads has increased significantly.
The user of the portal Reddit noticed that after downloading the final assembly of the smartphone shell, advertising appeared in the most unexpected places, from the music player to the page with the settings of the smartphone. In the firmware there is a software «MIUI SystemAds» (MSA), responsible for the processing and broadcasting of advertisements. For the Chinese giant it is an excellent source of additional income, and, for the user, it is an extra irritating factor that consumes Internet traffic. Xiaomi Corporation does not comment on the situation in any way.
On the Internet you can find the option to disable annoying banners. To do this you should go to the settings menu, open the «Advanced settings» tab, then in the «System and device» section go to «Access to personal data». There you will be met by the MSA advertising Manager, which you can disable by moving the switch. It is worth noting that this method of solving the problem does not work on all of the mobile devices.

Xiaomi commented on user complaints about the increase in the number of advertisements in the system menu and standard applications.
It is reported that advertising is already an integral part of the established business model of the corporation. Despite this, the developers will adjust the appearance of banners and the time of their appearance, as well as give recommendations on possible disabling. It is noted that only smartphones that support MIUI user interface are subject to advertising. In phones that participate in the Android ONE program, advertising is not broadcast.

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