Recently, only lazy does not scold Electronic Arts – there are a lot of dissatisfied players because of a number of miscalculations of the company. And apparently the publisher decided to correct the situation with a start of re-releasing Command & Conquer, which premiered in 1995.
In fact, this is an important step in the genre of strategy because it was originally a classic 2 line games-trendsetters in the direction of RTS:
1) Dune-Dune 2-Command&Conquer-Red Alert
2) Warcraft-Warcraft 2/3-Starcraft 1/2
And if a series of Warcraft and Starcraft are being developed until now in the same direction and have a loyal army of fans, the Dune series faded, and Command & Conquer went a wrong way losing the classic gameplay inherent in early games and its loyal fans.
The new Command & Conquer should return the atmosphere of the first games, for which it was loved so much. Another interesting fact is that the development of a new game will take Jim Vesella, who worked on the projects Command & Conquer 3, Red Alert 3, as well as the fact that EA and a team of new developers want to collect the opinions of the players that they want to see in the new edition.
The game is scheduled for release to 2020 – to a 25 anniversary of the classic game.

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