Fans of the gaming industry have been waiting for the release of the new graphics cards from Nvidia for more than two years. And the company really pleased with the powerful devices. By renaming the map series from GTX to RTX, it added ray tracing technology and significantly increased performance relative to the first generation. But the new series has one significant drawback-the price. And this disadvantage outweighs most of the advantages. The audience chooses devices from the price-quality approach and looks towards inexpensive, but productive GTX graphics cards of the first generation and their competitors from AMD. Yes, the RTX series copes with the games in 4K resolution, but today the main standard of monitors is still Full HD, under which the GTX series is sharpened.
It became known before that AMD company decided to modernize the architecture of Polaris and is preparing to release a Radeon RX590. Nvidia decided to go a similar way and upgrade the GTX cards of the first generation. On the official website of the company there was information about the GTX1060 graphics card equipped with 6 GB of GDDR5x video memory. In addition to the faster video memory GDDR5x (which was previously used only in older models of the series – GTX1080 and 1080Ti), the updated 1060 model may be equipped with a graphics chip GP104 and get 1280 CUDA cores, the bus will remain the same, its width will be 192 bits.
Such an approach of the video card manufacturers will allow to saturate the market with inexpensive but productive solutions and reduce prices for existing offers.

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